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Elevate His Style: Exceptional Gifts for Men This Valentine's Day
Explore modern living with Touch of Modern's curated collection of unique watches, fine alcohol, tech marvels, and stylish fashion. Find the perfect gift for him this Valentine's Day and make a statement of modern love.
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HAPPY NEW YEAR!: Adventure More In '24!
A NEW WAY TO NEW YEAR Happy New Year and welcome to yet another “New Year, New You!” blog post. We can almost feel your excitement from here! And why not be excited? After a whirlwind holiday season, January 2 is a stark reminder that the thrill of anticipation, gifts, feasts, and twinkly lights, are now another year away. But don’t click away just yet! Because we’re not suggesting you set a new fitness goal or give up your favorite cocktail. In fact, we’re offering you a resolution of an entirely different kind! We’re suggesting that a resolution worth keeping is a commitment to a year of adventure! And when we say adventure, we’re talking about the kind of adventure that lit you up as a kid. The kind of adventure that was wild, weird, and sometimes a little bit spooky. Because summiting Everest is amazing and hiking Machu Picchu is enviable. But this year, maybe we dial back the complication and ratchet up the weird! In this post, we'll embark on a journey to explore some unconventional and offbeat destinations, each with its own unique charm . From the mysterious Carhenge to the quirky Ben & Jerry's Flavor Graveyard, these destinations promise a year of memorable experiences that defy the ordinary. GET YOUR MOTOR RUNNING Carhenge – Alliance, Nebraska: Our first stop is Carhenge, a peculiar monument located in Alliance, Nebraska. Forget about the traditional resolutions and step into a world where vintage automobiles have been transformed into a replica of the famous Stonehenge. Picture this: a circle of upright cars, meticulously arranged to mimic the ancient stone formation. It's a quirky blend of history and automotive nostalgia, offering a surreal experience that sets the tone for an unconventional year ahead. WHAT"S THAT SMELL? Salton Sea – California: For those seeking an otherworldly - and odoriffic - experience, the Salton Sea in California is a must-visit destination. This accidentally formed saline lake is surrounded by abandoned structures and eerie landscapes. As you eschew the standard resolutions, explore the desolate beauty of the Salton Sea – witness the remnants of a once-bustling resort town, now submerged in solitude. The desolation and decay offer a unique perspective, urging you to embrace the beauty that can be found even in forgotten places. And when the smell has become more than you care to endure, you can always stay in nearby Palm Springs is a stark contrast to the desolation that sits just an hour away. This desert oasis is a perfect place to soak up the sunshine and the dry desert climate. THAT'S A WHOLE LOTTA JESUS Christ of the Ozarks – Eureka Springs, Arkansas: Rio, Schmio. No need to go all the way to Rio de Janeiro to see a massive statue of this guy! Take a quick trip instead to Christ of the Ozarks, a monumental statue situated in Eureka Springs, Arkansas. Instead of committing to the usual resolutions, stand in awe of this massive sculpture that overlooks the Ozark Mountains. With arms outstretched, it serves as a reminder to embrace the vastness of the world around us. This unconventional destination encourages you to reflect on your aspirations for the new year, while basking in the awe-inspiring presence of this colossal figure. And while you’re at it, enjoy the view from your very own treehouse while staying at the Grand Treehouse Resort. With all of the amenities of home, you’ll love the quaint comfort of your home atop the trees. HUFF & PUFF... YOU CAN'T BLOW IT DOWN The Paper House – Rockport, Massachusetts: As we continue our unconventional exploration, make your way to Rockport, Massachusetts, where the Paper House awaits. This unique structure is entirely made of newspaper – walls, furniture, and all. By visiting the Paper House, you'll be inspired to think outside the box and reconsider the materials at your disposal. Instead of setting standard resolutions, challenge yourself to create something extraordinary from the seemingly ordinary elements of your life. Experience the beauty of New England in this charming boutique hotel. Nestled in the seaside village of Rockport, MA you’ll find a vast array of activities to enjoy. Whether it’s a leisurely stroll along the coast or dining and shopping at Bearskin Neck, you can come back to comfort at Addison Choate. GONE BUT NOT FORGOTTEN Ben & Jerry's Flavor Graveyard – Waterbury, Vermont: For a sweet and whimsical detour, head to Waterbury, Vermont, where Ben & Jerry's Flavor Graveyard lies. Here, discontinued ice cream flavors are laid to rest in a playful cemetery setting. As you stroll through the Flavor Graveyard, consider letting go of the conventional resolutions that may have held you back. Embrace the unexpected and savor the sweet moments, just like the quirky flavors that once delighted taste buds but are now immortalized in this unconventional graveyard. While you’re there, embrace the rustic beauty of Vermont, while also enjoying the charm of the Grunberg Haus Inn & Cabins. Built from the imagination of its original owners in 1972, Grunberg’s creaky walls, angulating stairs, and eclectic Austrian architectural accents are nestled into the green mountains and offer an unforgettable stay. A PART OF THEIR WORLD Mermaids of Weeki Wachee – Weeki Wachee Springs, Florida: Dive into the magical world of mermaids at Weeki Wachee Springs, Florida. Instead of conforming to the usual resolutions, witness the enchanting performances of the Mermaids of Weeki Wachee. These underwater shows blend fantasy with reality, transporting you to a realm where the extraordinary becomes the norm. Allow the mesmerizing mermaids to inspire you to break free from the ordinary and make a splash in the uncharted waters of the new year. Stay in this fun and funky house, a you can continue the fun by searching for mermaids in nearby waters with a clear kayak or canoe tour. BRIGHT LIGHTS, BIG CITY Neon Boneyard – Las Vegas, Nevada: As the neon lights of Las Vegas beckon, venture into the Neon Boneyard. This outdoor museum is a resting place for retired neon signs that once lit up the famous Las Vegas Strip. Let the vibrant colors and nostalgic glow inspire you to break free from the monotony of routine. Instead of adhering to standard resolutions, allow the Neon Boneyard to ignite a sense of creativity and spontaneity, lighting up your path with the unexpected. UHHHH, NOPE! Clown Motel – Tonopah, Nevada: While we're in Nevada, we have something that is literally and figuratively miles away from the strip. For those seeking an experience that's both quirky and a touch eerie, the Clown Motel in Tonopah, Nevada, offers an unforgettable stay. Nestled in the heart of the desert, this motel is adorned with a collection of over 600 clown figurines, creating an atmosphere that's simultaneously whimsical and haunting. Rather than sticking to conventional resolutions, spend a night surrounded by these grinning jesters and let the unexpected embrace of the Clown Motel inspire a year filled with suspense. Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow Leila's Hair Museum – Independence, Missouri: Step into a world where hair becomes an art form at Leila's Hair Museum in Independence, Missouri. This one-of-a-kind museum showcases an extensive collection of intricate hair art, from jewelry to elaborate wreaths, all crafted from human hair. Instead of conforming to the usual resolutions, immerse yourself in the delicate and fascinating world of hair art at Leila's. Let this unique museum serve as a reminder that creativity knows no bounds, encouraging you to approach the new year with an open mind and a willingness to explore the unconventional. 2024 IS GONNA BE YOUR YEAR! As we wrap up this unconventional adventure, it's evident that there's a world beyond the confines of standard resolutions. From the peculiar landscapes of Carhenge to the whimsical Flavor Graveyard and the enchanting Mermaids of Weeki Wachee, each destination on this journey offers a unique perspective on life and growth. In the new year, consider trading predictable resolutions for the thrill of exploration and discovery. Embrace the offbeat, challenge the ordinary, and revel in the unexpected. As you venture into the uncharted territories of 2024, may these unconventional destinations serve as a source of inspiration to eschew the standard and make your own path. Cheers to a year filled with adventure, curiosity, and the joy of embracing the extraordinary in every moment!
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!HOLA MEXICO!: Winter's Last Resort
When that white Christmas gives way to winter blues, it's time to get away! Book a trip to Mexico and kiss those blues goodbye! We share our favorite resorts so that you can get a serious dose of Vitamin D.
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LAST MINUTE LUXE: Five Fab Fall Getaways
Who said Labor Day marks the end of summer? Not us. We call it "Second Summer", and its the perfect time to book a luxury vacation. Let us show you where to go.
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WHISKEY WONDERLAND: 10 Ways To Sip & Savor
Join us as we stroll through a whiskey wonderland. We highlight the ten types of whiskey that men love and why. From a classic bourbon to a rare single malt blend, we examine what makes whiskey so wonderful.
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BIG DRIP ENERGY: Watches & Jewelry & Shades, Oh My!
Accessories make the man! Your favorite celebrities know what a watch or a a piece of jewelry can do to boost your style profile. Follow their lead!
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Personal care blog final original
Good grooming is more than just soap and water, man. Let us give you tips and tricks to make personal care a breeze. From cologne to clippers, skincare to hair care, we're here to help. Come take a look!
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THE MANCATION: Planning A BROmantic Getaway
Let us play the part of travel agent as we lay out 5 epic mancations for you and your bros. From the Wild, Wild West to the Misty Moors of Scotland and beyond, we bring the best vacation option "for the boys". Take a look!
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July Thirsty Thursdays: These Cocktails Bring The Celebration
July calls for celebrations and cocktails, and our July Thirsty Thursday recipes are all about both! These drinks are so good, you'll see fireworks!
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Thirsty Thursday: June Cocktails Are Summertime In A Glass
Each week, Touch of Modern brings you our Thirsty Thursday feature, offering delicious cocktail recipes for a weekend warmup that keeps the party going. Let us show you how to create unforgettable craft cocktails, right from the comfort of your own home.
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A Gift Guide For Men, By Men
There are plenty of gift guides out there for women. But what do you get your dad, cousin, bro, groomsman, or husband? Let us help!
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Dude, You Need An Area Rug.
A home decor must-have for men? Area rugs. Why you need a rug, where to put a rug, and how to choose the area rug of your dreams.
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Elevate Your Next Event
Whether its a dinner party, a bachelor party, or a backyard barbecue, we share tips for how to host the perfect event and what you may want to have on hand.
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What The Heck Is A Soap Nut?
Soap nuts? Yep. They're a sustainable, eco-friendly natural laundry detergent - or use them as a natural cleanser for other household chores. Yeah, Soap Nuts!
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Home Runs: What We Loved in June
Best Products for Men June 2017
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Lightest and Brightest: Everything We Loved in May
The Best Products for Men
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Year-round Biking On Any Terrain
We review bikes that go from city streets to rugged trails with ease.
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Discoveries: Fly Fishing at the Edge of the World
Follow a fly fishing adventure that takes you from rivers of southern california to the banks of El Chatlén, South America... This is the catch of a lifetime.
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In the Age of Smartphones, How Have Watches Endured?
Why Wear a Watch?
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This is the World’s Most Comfortable T-Shirt. Here’s Why.
Pima Cotton is a fiber known for its strength and softness. When choosing a t-shirt, pick a pima cotton tee for a surefire win.
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Sex Toy Design: How Hard Can It Be?
How to Design a Sex Toy
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The Startling Difference Wine Glass Shape Makes
Does wine glass shape matter?
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How to Roll Up Shirt Sleeves: 1 Shirt, 2 Sleeves, 3 Ways to Roll
Learn how to roll up your sleeves with style. This tutorial shows you how to cuff a men's shirt in 3 ways so that you can achieve the look you want.
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Seasons of Change: What’s New for Spring
Spring Fashion Tips for Men
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The 7 Best Tie and Collar Combinations
Which collar is best for a bow tie? Which is best for no tie at all? We address the best from the spread collar to the button-down and beyond.
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Your Fool-Proof Superbowl Party
How to Plan a Superbowl Party
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Are Valentines Gift Guides Silly?
We have Valentine’s Day gift ideas that go beyond a box of chocolate or some sexy lingerie. Give your sweetheart something special, unique, & truly unforgettable.
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5 Ways to Level Up Your Desk
Whether you're still working from home or just taking care of the basics from the desk in your home office, we can help you refresh your workspace & your perspective.
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Boss Move: Open Champagne with a Saber
Learn how to open a champagne bottle in style. The ultimate party trick? Pop that cork with a saber and friends will raise a glass to the master of the bottle.
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Intro to Audio
We educate you on audio terms so you can choose the best speaker, headphones, & more. Learn why booming bass and crystal clear sound matter.
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Headphones original
The Ultimate Headphone Guide
We give you the info you need to choose headphones and earbuds that work best for you. Over-ear, In-ear, or Noise Cancelling? Our headphone guide can help.
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The Straight Dope On Cookware Materials
From safety to the importance of even heating, we identify the best cookware materials for pots & pans. Put tools in your kitchen that will make cooking easier.
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How to Care for Premium Knives
How should you care for your knives? Protect the blades, keep them sharp, and chop on for years to come. We cut through all the noise to teach you how.
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Wood Buying Guide
Should you choose cherry? Is pine the perfect choice? Check out what you need to know about which wood looks best, is most durable, & will last longer.
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How to Choose the Right Wine Glass
This is an authoritative guide on which wine glass to use, depending on the type served. From Champagne to Cabernet, we raise a glass and toast the best.
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Types of Pots & Pans: Essential Kitchen Cookware
Build out your kitchen or update your cookware. We break down which pots & pans are essential. From skillet to stock pot, saucepan to wok, come get the deets.
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Leather Buying Guide
We break down the different types of leather, from full-grain to bonded, so that you can choose bags & accessories that fit your personal style and your wallet.
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Dive Watches Go Deep
We go deep on the history of dive watches. We highlight men's timepieces like the Rolex’s Seadweller and delve into the impact of the iconic Submariner.
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Your Guide to Pima Cotton
Find out what Pima Cotton is, what makes it special, and why Pima is the perfect type of cotton fiber for super soft tees & other types of men's clothing.
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The Mystery of Damascus Steel
Damascus steel is beautiful, sharp, and very strong. We'll tell you what makes Damascus steel special, highlighting the wavy pattern, durability, and more.
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